Ellen Roddick

Writer and Editor

Work in Progress

Ellen is writing her memoir of a roller-coaster life of privilege and pain, joy and discovery.


Secret Choices (Published originally as Holding Patterns)
At the climax of an exciting Lamaze delivery, when Lee McLaren is born, one key question stuns all those present: Is Lee a girl or a boy? The answer is uncertain. As the parents and doctors deal with this challenge, they face major and irrevocable choices. Sharing the intense journey, readers achieve a stunning new understanding of the nature of our sexuality.

Two Manhattan couples — Nina and David Northrup, Kitty and Mort Hinks — seem to have it all. What others see is the couples’ wonderful children, successful careers, stylish homes in upscale neighborhoods, and lifestyles that combine comfort and luxury. But members of this quartet are dissatisfied enough to begin affairs. What they don’t know is that Mort becomes Nina’s lover while his wife becomes intimately involved with Nina’s husband. How long can the quartet keep their affairs secret? And how long will they want to?

Young Filmmakers
The New York Public Library chose the as one of the fifteen best books published for young adults that year. It teaches teenagers how to make films and was translated into several languages. For decades, my coauthor and I received comments from who had been drawn into filmmaking by our book. Ellen used her married name at the time, Meade, for this book

Writing That Means Business: How to Get Your Message Across Simply and Effectively
This book includes tips and guidelines from Ellen's WriteAssets® seminars for Fortune 500 companies, putting the fundamentals of clear, concise, convincing business writing at your fingertips. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to:
• Streamline reports and memos for maximum impact.
• Control your tone-when to be formal or friendly, humorous or diplomatic.
• Map your ideas before you write.
• Edit your own writing.
• And much more.
Whether you are on the way up or already at the top, Writing That Means Business shows you a sure-fire way to sharpen your competitive edge.

Your Memoirs: Saving the Stories of Your Life and Work
This guide, which Ellen wrote using her middle name, Hawley, can help you to write your memoirs or help family members to write their memoirs. It is available as a paperback and for the Kindle.